1. "Does Banking Competition Affect Innovation?" 2015, Journal of Financial Economics, with Jess Cornaggia, Xuan Tian, and Brian Wolfe, Vol. 115 (1), 189-209. (Internet Appendix)
    • On the 2014 AFE program
    • On the 2013 WFA program

Working Papers :

  1. "Managing Innovation: The Role of Collateral"
    • On the 2015 CICF program
    • On the 2014 SIFR Conference on Innovation and Entrepreneurship program

  2. "The Role of Human Capital: Evidence from Patent Generations ", with Tong Liu and Xuan Tian
    • On the 2018 AFA program
    • On the 2016 SFS Calvacade program
    • On the 2016 CICF program
    • On the 2016 European Finance Association program

  3. "Labor Scarcity, Finance, and Innovation: Evidence from Antebellum America", with Jessie Jiaxu Wang
    • On the 2019 AFA program
    • On the 2018 NBER Summer Institute Productivity/Innovation Meeting
    • On the 2018 WFA Program
    • On the 2018 Texas Finance Festival
    • On the 2018 Young Scholars Finance Consortium
    • On the 2018 Chicago Financial Institutions Conference
    • On the 2018 Kentucky Finance Conference
    • On the 2018 SFS Cavalcade Conference
    • On the 2018 European Finance Association (EFA) program
    • On the 2018 China International Conference in Finance (CICF) Program
    • On the 2017 NYU Stern WAPFIN program

  4. "Unleashing Innovation", with Xuan Tian and Xiaoyun Yu
    • On the 2016 AFA program
    • On the 2015 China International Conference in Finance (CICF) program
    • On the 2013 CEPR European Workshop on Entrepreneurship Economics program
    • On the 2013 Indiana Finance Symposium program

  5. "Public Market Players in the Private World: Implications for the Going Public Process", with Shiyang Huang, Cong Wang and Dexin Zhou (New Draft Coming Soon)
    • On the 2018 (13th) Annual Mid-Atlantic Research Conference in Finance (MARC)
    • On the 2018 Northern Finance Association (NFA) Program
    • On the 2018 China International Conference in Finance (CICF) Program
    • On the 2018 (3rd) Entrepreneurial Finance Conference Program

  6. "How Does Human Capital Matter? Evidence from Venture Capital", with Lifeng Gu, Ruidi Huang and Xuan Tian
    • On the 2018 China International Conference in Finance (CICF) program
    • On the 2018 Sun Yat-Sen University Finance International Conference

  7. "Price Discovery in the Stock, OTC Corporate Bond, and NYSE Corporate Bond Markets" with Craig Holden and Jayoung Nam

  8. "The Real Effects of Sharing Economy: Evidence from Airbnb", with Xuan Tian and Kailei Ye